Throughout history in the UK, in The Hebridean Isles and Wales, as well as other parts of the World, there have been various types of religious awakenings or Revivals, many of these mighty moves or outpourings of God’s Holy Spirit since faded and have left lasting impacts and legacies which have moulded, shaped and even transformed whole communities and Nations, influencing everything from education, politics and the moral compass that many still live by. However for the most part those works have long since faded.

In various parts of the world currently there are awakenings, revivals and stirrings once more as many Christians and our Churches rise up to face the challenges of the times that we now live in and seek to bring a radical, vibrant testimony and witness to the transforming Power of The Lord Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His Kingdom and His Holy Spirit.

Revival though is more than a Name for our church or a Word, for us it is aspirational  and a statement of faith of what kind and type of church we will increasingly become and carry the same attitude, character and heart of a genuine move of Revival as a work of God among the Church, the community in general, the city and even eventually as part of the outpouring of revival in and to the Nation.