About Pastor Stephen

There’s a verse in the Bible that I really identify with, Paul the Apostle says in 1 Corinthians 15:10, “by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.”

Hi, I’m Pastor Stephen McCluskey and I would like to welcome you to Revival Church Dundee.   I’m a Pastor who packs a punch, but would rather not, unless I have to. I have humour and fun. I minister with a prophetic edge and faithfully discharge and share my abilities, gifts, gifting, skills and talents.


I was born in 1963 and grew up in West Glasgow and Irvine with my mother, father, brother and two sisters.   I had a challenging and difficult upbringing and those times and experiences set me on the path of what was to become my lifelong Christian journey of transformational change through personal Christian Faith.

I trained as a painter and decorator and worked for the local council. After that I became a salesman in a gent’s outfitter. I then became a part of the Charismatic Movement before becoming a Christian in 1982 and simply began serving and getting involved and have done so ever since. I joined the New Life Church, Prestwick, Ayrshire, and remained there until I left to gain further training, gaining a broader range of experience and service. I briefly lived in Kettering and Milton Keynes before moving permanently to Dundee.   It was whilst in Milton Keynes that I completed a Bible School Ministry programme entitle Power Ministry Bible School, it was a condensed and intensive course which covered many Bible College topics.

Having an abiding sense to serve the Lord from that time, it grew and increased as I grew in my Christian journey and walk. He called I answered. I am a New Creation and I’m transformed. I’m saved and redeemed. I’m anointed and full of the Holy Spirit. I’m Graced and I’m Gifted. I gained experience through training in different, various areas. I studied and travelled. I developed and progressed. I practiced and improved. I laboured and I worked.

I eventually moved to Dundee in 1992, where I quickly became a part of the Bethany Church Dundee congregation.   I served over the course of many years, I also started attending college to gain some qualifications which I had not gained at school, and this resulted in me getting a job in 1996 for BT.   My continued involvement and service as part of the church, saw me serving as a musician to begin with, I play guitar, to supporting with sharing part of the preaching ministry.

During a low point in the Church life, there was a new Pastor appointed and I served and worked very closely alongside him. My role changed, I supported in administration and organisation, I preached occasionally, led a vibrant house-group and contributed to teaching courses and manuals. I became a part of the leadership team, becoming more and more a Pastor’s Assistant, sometimes leading the church. Following this period and after the retirement of the previous Pastor, I was privileged to then become the pastor of the church.

During my time working with BT, I met my wonderful partner Alison in 1999 and we were married in 2000. I became a dad in 2009 to Rebekah and my daughter Grace was born in 2014.

I cherish and I love. I train and I remain. I preach, prophecy and teach. I grow, I love and am loved! All this through Him who enables me!

During my time at BT I suffered a serious and significant health scare. These were difficult times for my wife and I, there were just the two of us at that point. This experience enabled me to review my life’s priorities, I adjusted and made changes, I amended and reviewed, I cared and I committed. This experience further strengthened my faith and helped me reach a major cross road in my journey. After 17 years I made the decision to leave left BT in 2013 to devote myself full time to the ministry and to completing my ministry training. In the course of this training I successfully completed my Mattersey College learning and was ordained as a minister that same year.

The other change this precipitated was to make me more conscious about my physical health and well-being.   I made the decision to attend a weekly self-protection and fitness class called Aware  run by my friend and instructor Ross which ran for three years and started going for jogs and walks, bike rides etc. I also attended and still attend Karate classes at Sport Karate East where I learn and practice Karate and the fitness class K Fit and as of 2017 I am a Blue belt training towards purple in Karate.

Since leaving BT, I have also become a Workplace Chaplain with Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland offering listening and support services to all manner of work places in Dundee City Centre. I have completed many modules through the Chaplaincy and it has taught me a different and new way of sharing faith directly and indirectly. We also provide mental Wellbeing Listening Post support on a drop by basis every 2 weeks to the general public. Whilst Workplace Chaplaincy is a non-doctrinal, non-proselytizing organisation, there are sometimes rare opportunities to answer questions, explore various aspects of faith and life and just generally be an active presence witness.

In early 2017 after having served as the pastor of Bethany for several years, having assessed and reviewed many aspects of the Church, activities, character, history, reputation, life and ministry, we concluded that it was time to change and revise our whole church. Through this time of review we made the decision to change the name of the Church and Revival Church is the result of that.

Revival can mean so many things, I recently wrote a short and long blog about this which will be carried by the Website, so I won’t go into all the details here. Revival though is more than a Name for our church or a Word, for us it is aspirational of what kind and type of church we will increasingly become and carry the same attitude, character and heart of a genuine move of Revival as a work of God among the Church, the community in general, the city and even eventually as part of the outpouring of revival in and to the Nation.


Psa 115:1. Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.